The humans subconscious mind is a very complicated and awesome thing. Our primary objective is to make such a strong, positive impact so the sellers subconscious mind falls in love. The subconscious mind is more affected by its’ senses rather than words. So to control it, we have to present the home to the senses from the moment they step onto the property. If you do this correctly, you have control of their thinking. So the question is, how do you present a home to all five senses? Thankfully, they are easily pleased. Just a few things and boom, the buyer is enjoying your home, and the best part, they don’t even know why, they just do.

To complete our primary objective, the first step is to know what primal things can make a buyer subconsciously pleased and eager to buy.

The five senses

In order to properly sell a home, you need to appeal to the buyers five senses. It sounds complicated, but at the heart of it, it’s really simple.

1. Sight

Staged Home Interior

This is the largest of the five when it comes to selling. The brain is constantly processing all aspects of the home. The main factors of selling to vision are de-cluttering, de-personalizing, drawing eyes to the biggest selling points (fireplace) and away from the flaws (small bedroom). The buyers eyes will be in overdrive, overloading their senses. Your job is to calm them down by drawing their eyes to the selling point of each room. If you’re thinking of a room you have that doesn’t have a selling point, it’s easy to create one. More to come on this in the future, or get the full run down on home staging with our Home Staging Master Course.

2. Smell

This has the largest impact subconsciously. If you walk in to a home that looks great but smells musty or like animal urine, the buyer simply can’t lock on to what they like about it. Even if they don’t notice it. They will walk away knowing something wasn’t right, they just don’t know what it was. We’ve got a super secret tip that covers both smell and taste in the last section.

3. Touch

Buyers will walk through a home and touch. It’s just going to happen. Counter tops, stair railings, furniture, etc. Making sure these shine (sense of sight) and feel clean (sense of touch) are important. If your stairway looks nice but the handrail is sticky from your kids sucker, it’s going to make a lasting impression, the kind you don’t want to make.

4. Hearing

Buyers like to know the home is sound proof. This means you don’t want an open house when there is construction close by or your neighbor is having an obnoxiously loud party. If you have a neighbor that likes to be loud, politely remind them that you have an open house coming up and see if you can ensure it doesn’t happen while you’re showing the house.

Creaks in the floor or stairs also subconsciously make buyers think there might be something wrong with it or simply remind them of the age of the home (which turns off some buyers). Make sure you repair any creaks your house makes before listing for sale.

Complete silence when selling also creates an alone feeling, and less like a home. Play some classical music very quietly and let their subconscious know your house is high class. This also subconsciously allows them to be “surprised” when the house costs much less than they think it should. You want them to think your asking price is a crazy good deal.

5. Taste

Cookies - Just one of our super simple tricks

Cookies – Just one of our super simple tricks

This may seem a little odd, but we’re going to give you one of our master tricks (we’ve got tons of them) that will blow your mind. To the subconscious mind, home feels like grandmas house when you were a kid. Even if you never had this experience personally, this trick works with everyone. What says “this is a home you want” more than anything else? Cookies. Freshly baked, chocolate chip cookies.

A half hour before the open house, preheat the oven. Put in a batch of chocolate chip cookies and have them ready just before the open house. Put them on a fancy platter (borrow or buy if you don’t have one, this creates another bonus for sight) and serve them in the kitchen. The whole house will smell like freshly baked cookies. This will subtly remind everyone that they can easily feel your house as their home. We don’t suggest serving milk, to minimize the clutter, but you can offer chilled bottles of water if you like. Put them in the refrigerator and hand them out as you show the home. This will also show them your refrigerator works like a dream (another subconscious seller trick).

What next?

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