Introducing the world’s first home staging by owner course

Results so beautiful you might just decide not to move

Confused about what it takes to get your home ready for sale?

Should I remove my sewing machine? Do I need to paint? When should I bring in more furniture?

Do you want to ensure you get your full asking price?

Want a professional understanding without paying a consultant thousands?

When selling a home, it’s hard to know exactly what to do. We get it.

Our Home Staging For Owner course only takes 2 hours to complete and gives you the full picture about what a home needs before selling. Home staging isn’t just about furniture. It’s the entire process required to get your max profit and sell in the shortest time.

Who should take this course?
Using a Realtor or for sale by owner
Owners of homes over $80,000
Anyone wanting to sell over their asking price
Those needing to sell extremely fast
Owners that are unsure what it takes to get a house ready for sale

Who shouldn’t take this course?
Anyone wanting to start a home staging business (this doesn’t cover the business side of home staging)
Anyone needing only the legal or paperwork process required at closing.

What exactly is this course?
This course starts at the moment you decide to sell your home. It covers the Four Pillars of Home Staging that we created for easy understanding. These are:
furniture and decor placement
Our course takes you all the way through marketing the home for sale. The course only takes 2 hours so anyone can make the time.

Here is what makes up the 2 hours:

1. 1 hr 15min video (detailed how-to)
2. 30 minute walk thru guide
Super easy to use guide that allows anyone to walk through their home in just 30 minutes and get a clear picture of exactly what the home needs. Use this after watching the video
3. 15 min bonus materials
a. How to write the perfect ad
b. upgrade and repair ROI

We even include a few bonus materials when it comes time to sell.
1. final days checklist
2. moving checklist

Get pricing

Start the course in just minutes with our digital download option. Of course you can download and watch any time at your leasure. We also have a an option to get