Home Staging Master Course

Pst… It’s pay what you want!


Home staging can seem mysterious. I’ve got great news for you. Anyone can be an expert. You just need the knowledge.

I’m Ben. I’ve spent hundreds of hours creating a dead simple home staging course. My mission; I want everyone to have access to. That’s why even though I’ve spent a ton of time putting it together, I’ve made the entire course Pay What You Want. Crazy right?

It’s not about the money for me. It’s about the message. You can stage your own home, and do it well. It’s a proven fact that staged homes sell for about 20% more and about 8 times faster. Eight times faster. It’s insane.

If you’re selling your home in the near future, download this course (which only takes about 2 hours to complete) and blow competing homes out of the water. I want you to come away with way more money than you thought you could and be on to your next big adventure. If you know anyone selling, feel free to share this and let them know it’s Pay What You Want so there’s no pressure.

My course is composed of the follow:

  • - Five 15 minute videos
  • - A complete walk through guide (taking out all of the guess work)
  • - How to write the perfect ad
  • - Moving Checklist
  • - Repair and Upgrade ROI (return on investment)
  • - Final Days Checklist –
  • - How to write the perfect ad

Don’t just sell your home.

Sell it for 20% more and 8X faster.