Sell your house 536% faster than your neighbor and profit 17% more, here’s how you do it…

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When you see yourself looking at purchasing a house, you aren’t really looking for a house. You’re looking for a place to call home. Buyers do the same thing. When they see your family pictures, Fido’s food bowl, your daughters pink walls or the couch you bought in college, do you think they say to themselves “I can really see myself living here!” Absolutely not! They constantly feel like they are inside of your house.

Staging your home before listing it for sale can save you $15,000. ANYONE can quickly put our product into action.

It’s like going to the car dealership and the prior owners stuff is still there. There’s a pile of old fast food bags sitting in the passenger seat. Their dry and odorless scented tree is hanging from the rear view mirror, and their child’s cereal is all over the carpet. Don’t think it’s the same thing? Try browsing pictures of houses for sale online and see if you can picture yourself living in that room with terrible furniture, shag carpet and horrid curtains. The funny part is that the owner of that house, doesn’t think it’s that bad. They love their decor and so will everyone else, right? Think about your house. Does every detail look like a model home? If you can’t answer yes, then you might as well have shag carpet, it’s all the same to the buyer.

Staging your house for sale will land you 17% more profit than a non-staged home. We share exactly what Home Staging is, and precisely how to use it.

Imagine having all the insight into what your buyer is thinking and feeling when they are looking to buy. Imagine the heartbreak you would feel if your home sat on the market for 177 days, the average of un-staged homes, and having to continue to pay mortgage and utilities the whole time. Imagine the sheer excitement and pride from selling your home 5 times faster after discovering the secrets to the perfectly staged home.

Staged homes sell on an average of just 33 days. Un-staged homes, a whopping 177 days. Don’t let your house be “that house”. Our professional guidance will make sure yours is not.

Home Staging has been featured everywhere including CNN, ABC, FOX News, REALTOR® Magazine, Trulia, The Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day Magazine, The Washington Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, CBS and literally thousands of other media outlets. Home staging is too important to be ignored with savvy consumers being able to review all homes for sale within their exact target location from the comfort of their couch.

“I thought it had to be to good to be true, my wife even told me not to buy the DVD. JasonHowever, after seeing homes in our neighborhood sit unsold for months, I knew I had to do something different. I took the plunge and bought the video. In the end, we sold our house for 3% MORE than we asked, and it sold in a mere 14 days.” – Jason Becker

“I knew I was going to stage my home from the beginning, but thought I would use a professional. JasonFinding out it would cost over $5,600 to hire one was more than I wanted to spend. I found this product, did it myself in just a few days. It feels awesome to know you got a great deal.” – Alison Jere

“Well, I think we should reduce the price.”

Those dreaded words are uttered far to often when selling a home. As a home sits, people start wondering what’s wrong with it. “Why don’t people want it?” They say to themselves. “There must be something wrong with it.” The longer it sits, the more it compounds until you are forced to either never sell, or reduce the price significantly.

Staging your home allows you to highlight the benefits of your property and minimize the flaws.

This allows you to avoid having to reduce the price completely, saving you tens of thousands of dollars. The first reduction is an average of around $15,000. That is just ridiculous. There is no reason to reduce the cost when you can simply use our professional staging skills and get it sold fast and for top dollar!

“Wait, what is home staging?”

Staging experts know that in order to sell it quickly, you need several things. Here is a sneak peek at the information we share in our Home Staging Master Course:

  • Curb Appeal – This is what it looks like from the outside
  • De-personalization – Removing reminders that someone else lives there
  • Removing Clutter – Creating a comforting yet open and clean environment
  • Highlight Benefits – Drawing eyes to the most desirable features
  • Minimize Flaws – Drawing eyes away from the least desirable features
  • Furniture and Decor – How to properly place it, as well as where to get it
  • The X Factor – The extra tricks that truly skilled Home Stagers know will get buyers to fall in love with your property and forget all others

A Maritz survey shows that 63% of buyers will pay more for move-in ready homes. We share all of the secrets to make your home move-in ready.

You can easily use these practical yet almost magical steps to get your house sold faster than your neighbor, and we can show you how. Discover Home Staging can help even the most flawed homes sell faster than you ever imagined. Even if your home is nearly perfect by your assessment, there is always something that you will take away from our product that will throw your property into the legendary status.

Tony“The video content was amazing but what really blew me away was all the free bonus materials it came with. I would have paid at least $50 just for the walk through guide. I didn’t realize how easy it would be to walk through the house and get a true sense for what was needed. I felt like a pro.” – Tony Little

Judith“They really seem to know the little tricks you only get with a professional. There is no way I could have learned all this on my own. Everything was well researched. P.S. We sold our house in just 19 days!” – Judith Orchard

“So, what do I do next?”

If you are excited to get your home sold fast and for more money, we would love to tell you how we do it.

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