Staging the most highly populated state

When you sell a home in California, you’re up against a huge number of people. Not only is real estate in California highly desirable, there is stiff competition with so many homes on the market at one time. Below are our California recommendations.

California home staging considerations

Home staging – Outstanding record of success

Study after study shows home staging as one of the MOST recommended items by Realtors. Why? Because it works. Statistics from Staged Homes (as shown in graphics) show that 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less, on average, and sell for 17% more than their non-staged counter parts. The difference in days on market is enormous, 90 days on average for a non-staged home compared to an insanely low 11 days for homes that were staged.

This course is designed for those who are:

Wanting to sell over their asking price

Needing to sell extremely fast

Using a Realtor or for sale by owner

Realtors wanting a firm understanding of home staging

This course is not designed for renters, starting a home staging business or guidance with legal issues.

“Being a Realtor, I get a lot of push back from clients. It surprises me how few people actually make the needed changes to their home as I recommend. I started recommending this course to my clients after giving them thoughts. Hearing it from a third party reinforces their homes needs and they usually take the advice. Those that do always sell MUCH faster and usually get their asking price or more without a price reduction. Realtors, you MUST recommend this to your clients, it’s a life saver as well as a commission booster ;)”
- Tony L.

From beginning to end

Our course starts at the moment you decide to sell your home, and takes you all the way through marketing your home for sale. Our Master Course only takes 2 hours to complete. We’ve balanced knowledge and time so everyone has the time to learn all they need to know.

Here is what makes up the 2 hours:

Five – 15 minute videos covering:

Pre-Staging Plans

Depersonalize and De-clutter

Cleaning and Repairs


Furniture and Decor

30 minute walk through guide – Super easy to use guide that allows you to walk through your home in just 30 minutes and get a clear picture of exactly what your home needs.

15 min FREE bonus materials

How to write the perfect ad

Upgrade and repair ROI

Let’s get started

Start your adventure of selling the right way. Profit more money and sell faster.

Get it before your neighbor does. Wink wink.

“My husband and I have been trying to sell on and off for months. We tried selling ourselves, then with a realtor, but have only received low ball offers. I ran across this video and bought on the spot. We took our house off the market, went through the materials and re-listed. Two days after our “first” open house we thought our realtor was joking when they said the house sold. My husband and I are now into our new home with only one house payment.”
- Alison J.