Staging your own home is the easiest and cheapest way to get it sold in record time. Sure, there are other important factors, but what happens if you do everything else right except home staging?

Let’s paint a picture.

Let’s say you get the worlds best Realtor and they do the worlds best marketing, but failed to properly stage your home. Here’s what would happen.

As each visitor views your online pictures, they notice things just aren’t right. They can’t see the benefits of your property and quickly move on to the next online listing. Those that decide “it could work” will show up and look at it in person, not expecting much.

As they pull up, they first notice the outside of your house. Since you didn’t nail the look and feel of the outside, some people won’t even go inside.

Those that decide to go inside in hopes that “the inside could have potential” are shocked to find the furniture is outdated, you have a pink (or blue, or any color they hate on the wall) room, or have carpet they don’t like and know they have to replace after buying. They see your family photos and feel like they are in someone elses house, making it very tough to see their family living there. They decide to leave and move on to the next home.

Of the people that decide it has its flaws but can still imagine buying it, they will low ball you. They’ve looked at ten other homes and at least one of them will have what they want and can better see themselves there, but decide that since they can get yours for less (they think), they offer $15,000 below what you’re asking.

It goes on and on until six months down the road, you convince yourself (or your Realtor convinces you) it’s time to lower the asking price to avoid the monthly payments any longer. Two months later you get another low ball offer and decide to sell for over $20,000 less that what you wanted originally and paid over $15,000 (or more) in expenses over the six months. $35,000 later you finally unload your house but feel awful about the whole process.

Staging your house for sale will land you 17% more profit than a non-staged home. We share exactly what Home Staging is, and precisely how to use it.

A different outcome

Instead, you decide that staging your home makes sense. Visitors love it and you have a bidding war after the first open house. You sell for 5% over your asking price and loved the entire process.

What next?

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