Stage your own home

Hiring out can mean your profits go down.

Hiring out can mean your profits go down.

Why just one reason not to hire someone? Because it only takes one to convince you not to… money. To hire a local home staging company usually costs around $1.50 per sf. If you have a modest 1200 sf home, you’re looking at $1,800, just for the consultation. For a 2000 sf house it’s $3,000. You could have done a lot with that money. It’s a good thing this is hypothetical.

Are we going to tell you hiring someone won’t be thorough and save you from doing it yourself? No. It will absolutely work and you don’t have to worry about figuring out the tricks of the trade. If you have the money to blow or don’t have the time to do it yourself, we say do it. For the rest of us, when we’re trying to sell a home, another $1.50 sf charge on top of everything else just isn’t phesible.

What they won’t tell you

The $1.50 sf is just for them to come out and spend a few hours with you explaining what needs to be done. That’s it. They leave you with a laundry list of tasks to perform yourself, after the consultation. Not only are you spending money on them, but then additional time on your own.

This can be daunting if you don’t actually know the tricks and only have a list to follow. It’s easy to interpret the tasks different ways and each task can be executed in multiple manners.

Here’s what we propose instead

For the same time as the consultation will take to make the list, you can discover all the methods and tricks professional home stagers use. We cover all of the details in our Home Staging Master Course. Everything from the color to paint your walls to the way to arrange your furniture. It’s all in there.

Discover what many others have found. Getting it sold fast and for top dollar is the only way to do it. Get started with our Home Staging Master Course via digital download and start right now. (We also offer DVD format if you prefer.)